Become a Mentor

Mentor is a mix of a friend and teacher in which the teacher stimulate curiosity and build confidence in the student by presenting new ideas, opportunities and challenges; while the friend share stories of achievement and become role models. They give opportunities to the student by facilitating academic, career and personal contact. Studies shows that mentored students have better attitude toward school, better chance on going to higher education, reduce the incidence of substance abuse and have higher self-esteem.

 It is important to keep in mind some things during mentoring:

  1.  Both must be willing to make time to meet. Creating a routine date/time. This could be done in person, by calling or e-mail
  2.  There should be professional and personal boundaries. Being clear about your expectations at the beginning would help.
  3.  Maintaining confidentiality is very important to the success.
  4.  The mentor must be a good listener. You have to discuss ideas, not to hand out what you think are the best ideas. The same way students must listen to what mentors have to say.

If you are open minded and passionate for your field and think you can become a good mentor, come and join us.