Promoting STEM

One of the goals of the Jayuya STEM scholarship is to promote STEM fields with students that are still deciding what to study after high school. We bring speakers from different fields to show students what they do.

Jayuya STEM sponsored speakers

Ricky Figueroa

Ricky is currently an Assistant Professor at RIT for the Motion Picture Science program in the School of Film and Animation. Along with my colleagues, we teach our students the engineering side of movie making. We provide them with the technological expertise on what happens behind the scenes to make great movies and TV that reaches audiences.

"This field I work in is probably the best field to mix a technical and a creative mind. We are usually taught since we are very young that we are either a technical person or a creative person, and while that might be true for many people, there are also people like me that enjoy both sides. This field is great in the sense that it enables the development of technical tools and processes that help deliver amazing creative works to our eyes and ears. I’m simply very proud to be able to do that and to interact with brilliant technical and creative minds"

Source: ConXion